The Set up and lights you choose do more than just change the appearance of your setting; they set the perfect mood and create a special atmosphere for whatever the occasion may be.



LED Technology - Powered and Portable

This section includes LED Par Floodlight, LED Bars, LED Lighting Effects, LED Uplighters, LED Moving Heads, LED Flooder, Studio Par, Follow Spots, Audience Blinders, Strobes.


Moving Lights

This section includes LED Moving Heads, Moving Heads (Spot), Moving Heads (Wash), Moving Heads (Beam), LED Lighting Effects, Dj Lighting Effects, Scanners.


We pride ourselves to use high technology lighting. 


Different LED Projectors to choose from starting from 3500 lumens up with Bluetooth, WIFI and Android System Option.


This section includes Lasers, Laser Movingheads, RGB Lasers and Laser Controllers.

Stands & Trussing

This section includes Lighting Stands, Lift Stands, up to 3 or 4 mtr Trussing and Stage Risers.



Staging & Accessories

This section includes Table and Speaker Stand Covers, Truss Covers, Dj Consoles, Stages, Tents & more.

Illuminated Letters

Add an extra wow effect to your event by adding these decorative LETTERS to match your personal / company name. Letters are 1 meter in size.

Lumiletters are available in different sizes. We also rent lumiletters, well-crafted wooden characters, with super bright LED’s within letters, numbers, symbols and shapes.


Personalise your home, wedding, event or workspace and stand out from the crowd. Freestanding or wall mounted, with an accessible side rocker switch.

These 9 inch high letter lights are brand new, are very sturdy and will brighten any environment. Letter lighting isn’t new, but Lumiletters are larger, brighter, more stylish and light up longer than all their competition in this market. Available for rent  / sale at very reasonable prices.


1mtr by 2.4 mtr LOVE SIGN (one word)

1mtr by 3 mtr LOVE SIGN (separate)

1mtr by 3 mtr LOVE SIGN (cake table)

1mtr by 4mtr  MR & MRS SIGN

1 mtr by 3.5 mtr MHABBA SIGN



Smoke / Fog / Snow / Foam Machines

This unit is designed to produce a ground fog effect to enhance dance floors, entry ways, and for halloween effects. Included with this unit is a timer remote control. It only needs 3 minute warm up time.

Cold Spark Fountains - Powered or Portable for Indoor and Outdoor Use

100% Safe to use. No smoke; NO foul smell; Safe; Touchable spark; Easy to set up and operate; Low consumption. Ideal for Weddings and Events. 

Bubble Machine

A portable  high output bubble machine capable of creating hundreds of bubbles a minute. The unit comes with a wired on/off remote control with a 25ft cable. 

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